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A good digital sales strategy needs to be dynamic and
reflect a global vision. Both structure and concept are
needed to secure complete and consistent control of all
communication channels.



Your business is unique; this is why we individualise the goals
to achieve an effective return on investment. With this vision
it is possible to initiate the suitable processes, choose
relevant channels to convey the message and address only
grupos objetivos fijados.







We work on website positioning and marketing from the moment we create your website, complete with architecture and code. We institute the marketing strategy in accordance with your commercial goals, seeking the loyalty and commitment of potential clients.

  • What is one of the main keys for web positioning on the first page of Google?

    Google will better position the pages it considers that give a better user experience. To achieve a high quality index, it is necessary to study and take into account multiple factors; content, loading speed, working the right keywords and working external links, among many others.

    En CLIC Internet & MARKETING from the moment we structure and design a web page, we do it with a perspective of SEO positioning, so that the subsequent work is more optimal and profitable.

  • How long does it take to index a website in search engines?

    If the web is new, after two weeks we can see some results, although even after a couple of months can not say that the positioning of a website begins to stabilize in the search engines.

  • Do you always have to pay to appear on the first page of Google?

    No. On the first page of Google there are ten natural results and ten paid, although paying advertising on Google does not guarantee to appear among the first ten ads.

  • Does CLIC INTERNET & MARKETING guarantee appearing in the top positions of search engines?

    No; nobody can guarantee that. We showed that we achieved it thanks to the statistical data available in our office in Armenia.

  • Is it very expensive to advertise on the Internet?

    The interesting thing is that the cost is proportional to the benefits, so we recommend making a campaign in phases adjusted to the objectives pursued.

  • Is it essential to be on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc?

    Always being on Facebook, for example, is no guarantee for the success of the digital marketing plan. We must study in which social network our target audience is and if there is receptivity to our products or services. As we often say, sometimes having 100.000 virtual friends can leave you alone at home…

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