Branding y Identidad Corporativa

Branding and Corporate Identity

Differences among concepts

Within the world of marketing and advertising there are terms that often lead to confusion so it is necessary to distinguish these differences. One of them is the difference between branding and corporate identity, which are sometimes used as synonyms and are not actually so.

When we talk about branding, we are referring to the complete definition of a company. That is, in other words, who it is, what it represents and who it is aimed at. It would be the emotional relationship that is established between the company and its target customers.

If, for example, we think of a company known like Apple, the Iphone, Mac, Ipod, Design and so on comes to mind and we know it’s a company that sells technology. However, with this definition we are left alone with what it does.

Knowing who is Apple, implies knowing what it does, how it does it, under what concepts, which purposes, with what trajectory, which are its goals and its values. Defining a company consists of knowing it beyond what it does and this is what branding does, generating a company-consumer connection, thanks to the company’s values.

One of the elements that compose the branding of a firm is the corporate identity that reflects all that visual aspect with which the company is shown to the public, but it is only one more element of all that makes up the branding.

The Corporate Identity is built through a combination of the tangible elements used to identify it visually (logo, graphic line, corporate colours, typography…)

We will apply all these rules to all variants (product design, packaging, advertising, institutional stationery, promotional elements, digital graphic elements…), always according to the guidelines established in the Style Manual, which must be followed to the letter.

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