What is it and how does it affect the web?

For a website to appear in a search engine such as Google, it has to “index” the page; that is, Google’s robots have to reach the website and add it to a list of crawled pages.

Recently Google has changed the way to index pages; the new method used is called “Mobile First Index”, i.e. “mobile devices first”, the explanation given by Google itself is as follows:

“In the past, indexing was mainly done with the desktop version of a page’s content, where the relevance of the page was evaluated in relation to the user’s search. From now on, since most users access Google through mobile devices, indexing will mainly use the mobile version of the page content.”

What are the implications of MFI on a website?

A web design created for the Mobile First Index, will be a design conceived first for the mobile version, looking for the maximum user usability, and then, it would be adapted to the desktop version.

If a website works perfectly in the desktop version of a computer but is not optimized for other devices such as a Smartphone or Tablet, this website will have many problems to position itself in Google.

Important factors for a Mobile First Index website

  1. Loading time: When a user navigates by mobile phone he needs speed; 53% of users leave the web if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  2. User experience (UX): users can easily find the information they are looking for by using their finger and the small screen (menus, icons, letters, buttons, etc)
  3. Content: the content of the mobile version and the web version has to be practically the same.
  4. Pop-up windows: Google penalizes pop-ups that hinder the user experience.
  5. Checking: There are different pages that allow you to measure the optimization of the mobile page and correct errors, for example the TEST MOBILE FRIENDLY

It should be noted that desktop indexing will not disappear, it will simply happen in the background, as is already happening with computers in real life.

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