Digital Marketing Trends 2020

Part I

Digital Marketing consists of all those actions or strategies carried out through the multiple channels and media on the Internet. We live in an era of permanent change, where the techniques and tools we use to work are in continuous evolution. That is why digital marketing trends are becoming more important to stand out in today’s market.

As follows, we explain the first three Digital Marketing trends that we present for 2020:



  • Marketing Omnichannel

The main objective of Marketing 4.0 is to generate confidence and loyalty in the user by implementing strategies that allow companies to interact with customers in an omni-communicational way, that is, through all its communication channels available at any time and in any place.

This new paradigm assumes, therefore, the integration of the immediacy and intimacy of online applications with the differentiation capacity of offline media, leading to the design of 360º strategies by companies, with the customer positioned at the center of all their actions (Mindful Marketing).

The main difference between Omnichannel Marketing and Multichannel Marketing is the fact that, in addition to having various communication interfaces, they are perfectly synchronised, establishing more personalised connections with each user, with the aim of providing them with an integrated, transparent and coherent experience.

In order to link all the tools and technologies used by companies to relate to their customers, it is essential that the collection and disposal of information is two-way: all data captured from customers must be stored in the CRM and, at the same time, be available to perform new actions with each of the users.

In this way, even if a conversation is initiated through a specific channel, it can be continued in other different channels without its effectiveness being affected. Thanks to the Omnichannel Marketing, a step forward is achieved in customer service and also in the Digital Transformation of organizations.

  • Mobile First

As time goes by, the tendency to perform any kind of action with the mobile phone is imposing itself in our society. A new concept has emerged called MOBILE FIRST which consists of changing the traditional working method of web creation.

Until the appearance of this concept, designers focused on web creation adapted to large desktop screens and then optimized on devices such as tablets and mobile phones. However, since Google announced in 2016 that more searches had been registered on mobile devices than on desktop browsers, special interest has been placed on mobile design and on optimizing search engine positioning strategies for these devices.

Among the advantages of this conceptual change we can find new websites adapted to mobile size and a reduction of content by highlighting only the relevant sections, that is, a website optimized only with the essential content.

On the other hand, due to the change in Google’s search algorithm, aimed at improving the usability of web searches from mobile devices, aspects such as

– Accessibility

– Relevant information within a local area

– Fast loading process

– Easily visible links

– Responsive content.

  • Voice Searches

VOICE SEARCHES have increased considerably in recent years but, nevertheless, companies have not yet managed to take advantage of their SEO strategies for this tool.

To achieve this, companies must create content using semantic phrases instead of traditional keywords. By using “long tail” search terms, less competition is achieved and, in turn, a higher CTR (Click Through Rate).

Currently there are portals or devices that use voice searches, such as Google Home, Amazon Echo or Apple Homepod smart speakers. According to recent studies, its main disadvantage in terms of marketing and sales is the fact that the searches carried out on these devices are not transactional, but rather pursue a specific function, such as reporting events or weather, inserting a postal address or programming an alarm, among many others.

This is where a great opportunity arises for companies to create branded content that provides added value to the user, as already run Alexa Skills on Amazon devices, while performing the functions of speaker to play content and operations center thanks to Artificial Intelligence, allowing the customization of searches for all users.

In short, despite being techniques and tools that came into operation some years ago, they have not yet been consolidated because, so far, few companies have decided to invest in research and development and implement them in their daily activity to lead the Digital Transformation required by the current market.

Fortunately, leading brands such as Google, Amazon or Apple, among others, are betting on these innovations, placing themselves in the digital frontline and inspiring other corporations to introduce these techniques in their daily lives in order to optimize the management of their operations.

This is only one part of the tools that will arrive with a vengeance next year and that CLIC INTERNET & MARKETING will put in place for our clients. If you want to know more, in the next post we will complete the list of Digital Marketing trends for 2020. Stay tuned to our blog!

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