Digital Marketing Trends 2020

Part II

In this second part of the article we will continue talking about three other trends related to Digital Marketing that must be taken into account for 2020:



  • Video Marketing

According to recent studies, more than 100 million hours of video are viewed on Facebook every day. On the other hand, YouTube has more than a billion active users. In short, the video format continues to play an increasingly important role and all firms are progressively including it in their merchandising strategies.

By 2020, it is estimated that users will consume an average of 84 minutes of video per day. Currently, major platforms such as Facebook or Instagram stream videos, transmitting confidence and closeness, achieving an increase in popularity and engagement of each of the brands thanks to its viralization.

According to Forbes data, 90% of consumers say that videos have a significant influence on the final purchase decision and that viewing video-demos increases the probability of finally contracting a product or service almost twice as much.

  • Mindful Marketing

The concept of Mindful Marketing arises from the change in the way big brands or companies communicate with consumers. This change consists of adopting a new marketing model focused on people.

From the digital marketing point of view, knowing in advance what consumers think and want is fundamental for business development. In this information age, and thanks to BIG DATA, companies can record and analyze data for later customer-oriented use based on the integration of their statistics on behavior and consumption habits.

The key factor today is customer knowledge, so a customer-centric culture is being implemented in companies. Consumer habits tend towards the individual and the authentic, so brands have to adapt to new trends in order to provide that sense of exclusivity.

This trend means leaving behind the one-way mass communication of brands to users, as the impact of a personalized and direct interaction is much greater. In addition, conversational marketing is becoming more relevant, that is, time and immediacy come into play and the use of instant messaging services or CHATBOTS is increasingly common in companies.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight the opportunity provided by the knowledge of the clients to take advantage of the micro moments and to be able to anticipate their needs. Currently, we have the necessary tools to search for immediate information in case of any doubt or problem, so anticipating these searches and being present with the correct and necessary information is the first step to establish a good relationship with the users.

Finally, if we go deeper into the concept of Mindful Marketing, we can see that, in addition to putting the consumer at the center of their strategy, social and environmental causes become more important, that is, the new generations are very aware of the responsibility that big brands have on these aspects and expect them to make a social commitment.

  • Consumer Generated Content

As mentioned above, marketing is becoming increasingly customer-centric, personalizing interactions and establishing a more direct relationship. On the other hand, advertising, as it is known today, has less and less impact on the purchase decision of consumers according to Forbes data.

From these changes a new concept emerges: Consumer Generated Content, which is based mainly on the fact that the client or consumer is the one who generates the content to be advertised through the multiple digital tools. In this way, the content is shared and expanded among the market niche to which the user belongs and brand presence is generated

According to a study by Nielsen, it is reported that ‘92% of consumers trust other users’ opinions more than brand advertising. This new form of advertising is an advantage for companies, as it saves time and money as well as maintaining an upward trend.

This type of user-generated advertising can usually be found in the comments, ratings or evaluations of customers after consuming the product or service and, as mentioned above, the video format and recommendations of INFLUENCERS are also added. In this sense, each user is considered a micro-influencer that will generate brand awareness among its followers, so that the companies themselves must make an effort to generate unique experiences for each customer.

In short, there is nothing more important than knowing the habits and behavior of customers, so you can offer personalized treatment when it comes to creating relationships and loyalty.

Not all brands today have this culture of customer focus, however, some very well known brands like Apple are always up to date with the changes in the market and are continuously adapting.

Based on these Digital Marketing 2020 trends, brands or companies should consider defining their own identity, values and philosophy to be able to focus on generating unique customer experiences, as it is the customers who will speak for them.

For that reason, in CLIC INTERNET & MARKETING, we work to define and consolidate the CORPORATE IDENTITY and the DIGITAL MARKETING strategies of our clients, helping them to establish a direct relationship with their target audience and to transmit their brand philosophy, their values and to increase sales through digital media.

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